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School Safety

Here at St Vincent's Primary, we aim to provide a safe place to play for our pupils and to ensure that they conduct themselves in a well-disciplined way.

An adult presence is provided in playgrounds at both playtime and lunch time in terms of the schools (Safety and Supervision of pupils) (Scotland) Regulations, 1990.

Security Entrances

All doors have been upgraded to ensure entrances can only be accessed by means of a coded security fob.

All visitors to school must enter by the main entrance which also has a security camera to enable identification.

All visitors must report to the school office and sign the Visitors’ Book.

Information in Emergencies

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on some occasions, circumstances arise which lead to disruption. Schools may be affected by, for example, severe weather, temporary interruption of transport, power failures or difficulties of fuel supply.

In such cases we shall do all we can to let you know about the details of closure or re-opening.

We shall keep you informed by using letters, announcements in local churches, local press and on this website.